cloud services

Cloud solutions are a way of availing services to our clients without the cost of associated hardware on the part of the customer. They are variously termed as Hosted solutions, and are procured on a subscription basis.

Cloud solution provide the following key advantages to our clients:

• Stability (common backend maintained by us as the provider)
• Scalability (the client can grow as per need through provisioning/upgrading accounts)
• Security (infrastructure has state of the art security, encryption systems, and inbuilt redundancy)

We have a variety of solutions that we provide as SaaS based solutions key among them:

  • Online Backup and Disaster Recovery
    Cloud File sharing and syncing
    Email and Website Hosting
    Marketing platforms (email and SMS)
    Ecommerce (directories and apps)
    Hosted VoIP solutions
    Webinar Software (hosted)
    Hosted CRM
    Hosted Business Management Software

Value Proposition

(a) Reduced Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) due to zero(0) investment in infrastructure.
(b) 24/7 access to services from any secure location, including support from our NOC.
(c) Very quick to deploy involving account provisioning and hence low cost of solution.

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